Thursday, April 21, 2011

CryptoQuote 2.0

After several months of work, I've completed a major update to CryptoQuote. With CryptoQuote 2.0, this app has a lot more to offer and I hope to hear from my users what they like the most about it.

Here is the official list of "what's new"…

  • Hundreds more quotes, now 3199 in total
  • Undo/Redo: Shake to undo/redo the last move on a puzzle.
  • Custom Puzzles/Quotes: Paste a puzzle from elsewhere, or scramble your own phrase to make a puzzle.
  • Printing: With an AirPrint capable printer, you can print out a puzzle.
  • NEW TOOL: Word Search - choose a word and see dictionary matches for that letter pattern
  • NEW TOOL: Letter Frequency - compare the frequency of the scrambled letters to the frequency of letters in English.
  • Share quotes you solve (copy/email/SMS/Facebook/Twitter)
  • Improved Daily Challenge with no "sign-up" required, and improved download performance.
  • Physical keyboard support - works with a bluetooth or USB keyboard for solving puzzles more quickly.

Now to catch up on email and continue on my next project… :-)