Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Next Chapter

Today, I'm launching Apps from Outer Space, LLC. My new company is taking over all of the apps my old company (John Haney Software).

I'm calling this my online moving day. Here's what's happening:
@JohnHaneySW -> @Apps_OuterSpace

facebook.com/JohnHaneySW -> facebook.com/AppsFromOuterSpace

johnhaney.com -> appsfromouterspace.com

App Store:
Coming Soon. I'm awaiting a few finalizing details. For the moment, apps will be listed under the "John Haney Software" name.

So please update your contacts, likes, follows. 2012 is going to be a great year, starting with my next app, Puppet Stage. But I'll talk more about that very soon…

1 comment:

glotto said...

John: There is a serious problem with Cryptoquote 3.0 on the iPad, making it impossible to use for custom quotes. I've written to you 3-4 times without getting a response. Can you please tell me either
(1) How to get to you? or
(2) How to go back to cryptoquote 2.0?
Thank you.